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Think about all the time, money and creativity that goes into a successful marketing campaign. A willingness to commit precious resources to such a project are just the prerequisites. Some of today’s best marketers believe that successful marketing requires creating an understanding of the target market that a business doesn’t yet understand -- that a robust campaign goes far beyond mere packaging and telling a story.
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Calling a business for the first time is a lot like going on a blind date. You base a lot on first impressions, and you look for specific traits to determine if you might want to pursue a long-term relationship. One wrong move, and you’re back to looking for other fish in the sea.
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Just like your wardrobe, it’s a very smart idea to refresh your business phone system for the long hot days of summer. Season-focused greetings and on-hold messages can not only provide valuable, up-to-date information for your callers, they can fuel additional sales during these notoriously slow ...
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