benefits of becoming a reseller of snap recordings

Adding professional voice recordings to your phone system sales not only helps your customers, it creates new revenue opportunities for your business. We make the management and process of creating and scheduling multiple recordings seamless.

  • Provide your customers with professionally-recorded messages that are compatible with your company’s platform.
  • Drive your customers to a trusted professional voice recordings provider and earn 10% on every business phone recording you sell.
  • Increase your profits with pre-negotiated reseller pricing discount of 15% with Snap Recordings.
  • Decrease customer churn by up to 37%.

benefits of snap recordings to your customers

Sounding professional has never been more important or simple! Utilizing phone recordings as a marketing tactic can increase revenue for businesses as callers go through their call flow. By partnering with Snap Recordings, you can help your customers instantly polish their image by offering a value-added service they need - a professional voice for their phone system.

  • You are creating their business phone system brand with industry specific, professional voice recordings.
  • You can provide setup and installation for your customers for simplified ease of use on their end.
  • They have the ability to create recordings for several occasions all in one place.
  • Snap doesn’t just offer recordings, but music and phone script best practices and examples to get the most out of their professional voice recordings.