strategic reseller program

create new revenue opportunities while expanding your sellable feature set with enterprise-class voice recordings

as a snap recordings reseller, you can:

Provide your customers with compatible, professionally-recorded messages for their phone systems.
Bundle professional voice recordings with your phone system sales as a value-added feature.
Help your customers get the most out of their voice recordings with our script example library.
Increase your profits with pre-negotiated reseller pricing and earn commission on each recording sold.

as a snap recordings reseller you receive:

After successfully completing the onboarding process of becoming a Strategic Reseller we will send you an email
containing all of the information vital to your new Reseller Account, including: 

Account login and commission information

Your login credentials are what you will use to easily check your affiliate sales, as well as commissions owed (and paid) via our reseller web portal reporting tools.

We offer all Strategic Resellers tiered commission rates 

  • Starting at a minimum of 10% on each recording sold
  • That increase based on customer sales and order volumes
You can also use your Reseller login to order recordings for your customers, making it easy to integrate professional voice recordings into your phone system sales, proposals and quotes.


To take advantage of this opportunity, simply enter your reseller credentials and the system will recognize your reseller status, and discount your orders directly at the checkout screen.

Discount code you can provide
to your customers

In addition to initiating voice recording purchases via the affiliate link, Strategic Resellers can also point their customers to the main Snap Recordings website, and provide them with a discount code to use at checkout.

To purchase recordings using the discount code

  • During order checkout, the customer can enter the discount code into the "Promo Code" field
  • They will receive a pre-determined discount (5-15%) off the recording's original purchase price

When a customer uses your unique code, Snap’s tracking system will know the customer was referred by you. The discount will offset your commission on the order. If the discount percent is smaller than your commission percent, any remaining commission will be passed directly to your Reseller Account.

Unique URL to direct your customers to order directly

All of Snap Recordings’ Strategic Resellers receive an affiliate link. This URL links to the unique ordering portal that you will refer and point your customers to for easy online ordering of Snap’s voice recordings.

Snap Recordings tracks all purchases initiated from these affiliate links and pays its resellers a commission that is specified during reseller application for each purchase made directly by their end customers.

Contact information for your Snap Recordings support contact

To assist with any order production related question or issue all Snap Recordings resellers are given direct contact information to a dedicated Reseller support desk.

Phone: (866) 721-SNAP (7627)

help your customers grow their business

Get Started

The anatomy of your direct reseller ordering portal

Snap Recordings supports web-based customer ordering pages (Direct Ordering Portal) that it highly encourages its Strategic Resellers to use. All Snap Recording reseller portals provide:

  • Overview to help your customers using Snap Recording services
  • Access to various phone system script examples to help you write your messages. (Auto Attendant, Message On Hold, Voicemail, General Prompts, etc.)
  • Access to voice talent samples to listen and audition before purchase
  • Easy-to-use text editor to write your messages
  • Simple check out process
  • Help section, general resources, live chat and email
screen shot of snap recordings website