The easiest, fastest way to manage your RingCentral phone system messages

Save countless hours, eliminate human error, and harness the power of your phone system messaging with AMS automation

AMS transforms the way you update your phone messaging. Our enterprise-grade audio management system simplifies and automates your entire workflow, saving you countless hours and eliminating human error.

Make changes at scale

Whether you're updating one location or thousands, AMS has you covered. Easily share new promotions, make lightning-fast changes to your IVR, and eliminate human error with our message automation and validation tools.


Easy scheduling

AMS gives you complete control over your update calendar. Schedule upcoming changes in advance and automatically return to your standard greeting.

Plan out holidays, promotions, and other events in advance.


Complete peace of mind

Never worry about making errors or playing out-of-date messages. AMS automatically verifies each message, allowing you to ensure that every caller hears the right message. With our Restore feature, you can revert back to your previous messages instantly.


hear what's playing


restore changes

Ultimate Control

With AMS, you can manage your extension audio easier than ever before. Effortlessly view, validate, and update what’s playing to your callers with just a few clicks.

Create custom groups and grant access to team members for any scenario:
Marketing promotions
Emergencies & service outages
Customer support
Location-specific announcements

AMS pricing

create & install broadcast-quality system messages in minutes
Pay per:
$100 /mo $1200 billed annually
Included in plan:
Up to 100 Extensions
Unlimited audio schedules
Unlimited bulk uploads
1 GB audio storage
Extension audio preview
Included with your free trial:
  • 25 Single Extension Installs
  • 2 Bulk Uploads (Limit of 25 locations Per Upload)
  • 2 Scheduled Installs
  • 10 MB of Audio Storage


Q: What is AMS?

A: AMS is the fastest and easiest way to manage your phone system and contact center audio. Organize and change messages on the fly, schedule phone system updates and apply changes in bulk when managing multiple locations.

Q: Is it compatible with my phone system or contact center?

A: We currently integrate with RingCentral, AT&T Office@Hand, Avaya Cloud Office, BT Cloud Work, Rainbow Office, TELUS Business Connect, Unify Office, RingCentral with Verizon, and more integrations are coming soon.

Q: Can I automate the installation of a message to multiple locations in my phone system?

A: Yes, you can create custom extension groups, and install a message to an entire group in a few clicks.

Q: Can I schedule message updates?

A: You can schedule message updates just like on a calendar. An entire year of updates can be planned, saving time and IT costs. You can also schedule bulk installs(when installing one message to multiple locations in your phone system.)

Q: Can I read a text version of the audio messages installed in my phone system?

A: Every extension in your phone system containing a message can be viewed in text form.

Q: Can I search for specific messages in my phone system?

A: Locating messages in AMS is fast and simple. You can search for specific messages, and also filter by extension types, message types, department sites and many more!

Q: Will I be able to listen to the messages playing in my phone system and see the audio file names associated with each message?

A: Yes. You can always listen to what’s playing in your phone system extensions. And If you installed your messages via AMS, you will also see the file name associated with each message.

Q: If a message is installed in multiple places in my phone system, can I easily locate where this message is installed?

A: Yes. If you installed your message via AMS, you can search for the filename of the message and AMS will display all the places in your phone system where this file is installed.

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