Professional phone messages in minutes

The easiest way to create greetings, prompts, and on-hold messages for your business.


Quality, speed, and reliability

Instantly create professional-quality phone greetings, prompts, and on-hold messages without any technical expertise. Studio A.I. features cutting-edge text-to-speech voices, unlimited music, and simple-to-use message editing tools designed specifically for phone messaging.

what you get

no turnaround times
No waiting, create messages anytime you need them.
ultra-realistic voices
Human-sounding text-to-speech A.I. voices.
over 1200 pre-licensed music on-hold tracks.
No technical expertise is required.
reliability & consistency
A.I. voices are always available, consistent, and on time.
smart mixing technology
Add music to any message with drag and drop ease.

Goodbye turnaround times

Studio A.I. gives you unparalleled speed and flexibility to create studio-quality phone system and contact center messages without the wait. React quickly to time-sensitive and last-minute message changes, and advertise new products and services.

Incredible voices

Forget everything you think you know about text to speech

Studio A.I. transforms text into lifelike voice messages indistinguishable from real human voices. Simply type in a script and let Studio handle the rest.

Create phone greetings, prompts, and music on-hold in English, French, Spanish, and more!

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Music on hold

Engage your callers with great music

Studio A.I. gives you unlimited access to over 1200 pre-licensed music tracks to create the perfect caller experience. Choose from a wide selection of musical styles, including rock, classical, hip-hop, holiday, and more.

With built-in "smart mixing" technology, adding music to any message is a snap.

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Tailor-made for


STUDIO A.I. fully integrates with your RingCentral phone system, so you can easily install your voice messages with a few clicks. STUDIO A.I. automatically optimizes your audio for telephone playback.

Learn more about our  integration by visiting our listing page on the RingCentral App Gallery


Create phone messages effortlessly

From simple greetings to multi-announcement on-hold messages with background music, our tools let you effortlessly create the best business messages for your phone system - in an instant. a voice
ultra realistic text to speech A.I. voices
2.write your messages
or use our customizable message templates & install
download and install messages in your phone system

Greetings and prompts

Create messages for every situation, including promotional events, commonly-asked questions, customer education, time-sensitive updates, holidays, and more.

Learn more about: greetings | prompts


Learn more about: greetings | prompts

Drag-and-drop on-hold messages


Studio A.I. features a revolutionary mixing app that lets you blend any existing audio file together with drag and drop ease. Create custom on-hold messages, add music, and easily create versions of your messages without any technical expertise.

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Studio A.I. plans are based on the number of users/agents (seats) in your phone system or contact center. All plans include ultra-realistic A.I. voices and unlimited music licenses for your messages.

What kind of system do you have?

Contact Center
Pay per:
year month
$25 /mo $300 billed annually
Included in plan:
Up to 10 MVP users
10,000 A.I. Text-to-speech characters
1,200 music tracks
5mb audio storage
Try Studio A.I.
Included with your free trial:
  • 1 A.I. Message Project (500 TTS Credits)
  • 1 On-Hold Mix (500 TTS Credits)
  • 5 Installs into your phone system
  • And more...


 What is the cost of a Studio A.I. subscription?

Plans are based on the number of users in your phone system or contact center. Click here to see our pricing.

 Why is the cost of Studio A.I. based on the number of users in my system?

Just like broadcast and streaming media, our subscription cost is based on audience size and is measured by the total number of users in your phone system or contact center.

 What's included with Studio A.I. ?

Studio A.I. features:
  • Intuitive Phone Message Creation: Create professional phone greetings, prompts, and on-hold messages.
  • On-Hold Message Mixer: Create or update on-hold messages in minutes, change music, re-arrange messages and mix any type of audio files using an intuitive drag-and-drop message editor.
  • A.I. Voice Overs: Ultra-realistic and natural-sounding A.I. voices.
  • Voice recorder: Record messages with your voice directly from the app.
  • Speech-to-text transcription: Instant transcription of all your voice recordings.
  • Cloud system integrations: Install messages to your phone system in a few clicks.

 How easy is it to get started?

Setup takes only a few minutes. We designed Studio A.I. so that anyone can intuitively create professional-quality phone messages with no technical expertise. Click here to get started.

 Can I add team members to my account?

Yes! You can invite anyone to your account to manage and create messages - free of charge.

 How many messages can I create with STUDIO A.I. ?

You can create unlimited messages. Each subscription plan comes with a set amount of text-to-speech characters, which you can always replenish.

 Can I use Snap Recordings voice-over recordings in STUDIO A.I. ?

Yes. You can order professional voice recordings from Snap Recordings, and use them to build on-hold messages, add music to your voice recordings and more.

 I already have voice-over recordings produced, can I use them with Studio A.I.?

Yes! You can upload any existing voice recordings to Studio A.I.

 How do I install messages in my system?

Studio A.I. integrates with many cloud phone system providers and lets you install messages directly to your phone system. Click here to see a list of integrated providers.

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