Voice Over Recordings
Studio A.I.
Word Credits
Studio A.I.
Greetings, Announcements & Voice Prompts
Order messages "a la carte" for your phone system
Starting at $ 50
$50 per 75 words (75 words is equal to approx. 30 seconds)
$50 for each additional 75 words thereafter.
On Hold Message
Create on-hold messages complete with pre-licensed background music
Starting at $ 99
Includes: First 100 Words* and 1 Background Music Track (*100 Words is equal to approx. 1 minute)
$40 for each additional 100 words.
Background Music
$25 per music track, per message
Rush Delivery
$50 for the first 75 words and $25 for every 75 words thereafter
$12 per 75 words

Studio A.I.

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What kind of system do you have?

Contact Center
Pay per:
year month
$25 /mo $300 billed annually
Included in plan:
Up to 10 MVP users
10,000 A.I. Text-to-speech characters
1,200 music tracks
5mb audio storage
Try Studio A.I.
Included with your free trial:
  • 1 A.I. Message Project (500 TTS Credits)
  • 1 On-Hold Mix (500 TTS Credits)
  • 5 Installs into your phone system
  • And more...
Pay per:
$100 /mo $1200 billed annually
Included in plan:
Up to 100 Extensions
Unlimited audio schedules
Unlimited bulk uploads
1 GB audio storage
Extension audio preview
Included with your free trial:
  • 25 Single Extension Installs
  • 2 Bulk Uploads (Limit of 25 locations Per Upload)
  • 2 Scheduled Installs
  • 10 MB of Audio Storage
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