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Snap Recordings started in 1996 with a mission to help businesses communicate better through their phone systems. Using a combination of professional voice talents, studio­-quality recordings, and years of experience in the telecom industry, we bring the voice of your business to life. Our talent pool features over 100 male & female voice-over talents to provide a range of options for different languages and dialects.

Snap Recordings distinguishes itself by exclusively working in the telephone market; providing a holistic approach for professionally­-recorded messages to support PBX, Auto Attendant, IVR, Call Center and other telephony applications.

Snap Recordings is recognized as the leader in professional voice recordings for phone systems. That’s why tens of thousands of companies use Snap Recordings as their professional voice recording service provider.


snap recordings in the cloud

In 2006, Snap Recordings took its recording services to the cloud. Here, businesses have a complete set of online tools to audition voice talent and write their phone system messages online. 

Snap Recordings is a recognized industry leader in voice recording technology, and has integrations with some of the leading cloud communication providers.

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While we’ve made many changes over the years to meet the challenges of bringing enterprise-class voice recordings to businesses of all sizes, one thing remains the same: our mission to help businesses communicate better through their phone systems.

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