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Snap Recordings creates thousands of voice prompts for businesses every year. These messages help keep callers engaged as active participants in the call by prompting actions and information from them. 

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Professional Voice Recordings can be used for any Company Type and Industry. Click the play buttons to hear examples.

common voice prompt types

preparatory messages

Prompt callers to collect and be ready with necessary personal, account, registration, and reference information before call transfer so they can be assisted quickly and efficiently.

caller action prompts

Use caller action prompts in Call Center IVR features for them to make verbal acknowledgement, make selections or to input information such as account, claim, credit card, policy, license, flight or other numbers along with providing personal information.

exit, transfer & system prompts

Provide callers with active prompting to exit hold, leave a voicemail, join a conference, get expected wait time, etc. Depending on switch platform and features, create the branded call experience you want callers to hear and experience.

With over 100 voice talents that can serve all industries, as well as options for English and Spanish. Snap Recordings makes creating a complete, personalized set of professional phone system prompts easy.

Snap Recordings has years of experience in creating voice prompts to support auto attendant, call center and IVR systems.

voice prompt pricing

Voice Prompts

Starts at $50
$50 per 75 words*
$50 for each additional 75 words thereafter
*75 words is equal to approx. 30 seconds

Order Add-ons

Background Music
$25 per music track, per message
Rush Delivery
$50 for the first 75 words and $25 for every 75 words thereafter
$12 per 75 words

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