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A company greeting is often the FIRST contact between a caller and your business. A caller’s first impression makes a huge impact on the success of any business relationship. For many businesses, making a great first impression can influence the caller's decision to do business with you. Having a clear and concise greeting conveys the professionalism of your company and how important your caller IS.

Custom greetings establish instant credibility, provide information and put the caller at ease they made the right call. 

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Professional Voice Recordings can be used for any Company Type and Industry. Click the play buttons to hear examples.

common greeting types

business hours greetings

Answer incoming calls during normal hours with a custom recorded message specific to to your business with routing options to particular departments/ employees or just giving callers the information they need.

after hours greetings

Let callers know that your business is closed but their call is still important. Give them emergency options or a commitment to call them back by leaving a voicemail for an employee or department.

holiday/special event greetings

Create greetings for specific events and holidays to keep customers excited and connected with your business. Provide holiday promotions or advertisements to build customer loyalty or simply let the caller know your business is closed in observance of a holiday.

departmental voicemail greetings

Greetings for individual departments can be used to create a consistent tone and voice for the business across all departments. Prevent caller hang-up’s with providing them the assistance and/or call back they need

personal voicemail greetings

When customers are trying to reach a specific person who is unavailable, personal voicemail greetings can be used to make that personal connection or forward their calls to employee’s remote phones and numbers.

With over 100 voice talents that can serve all industries, as well as options for English and Spanish. Snap Recordings makes creating a complete, personalized set of professional phone system greetings easy.

Snap Recordings has years of experience in creating greetings to support auto attendant, call center, IVR, voice mail and other phone system features.



Starts at $50
$50 per 75 words*
$50 for each additional 75 words thereafter
*75 words is equal to approx. 30 seconds

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Background Music
$25 per music track, per message
Rush Delivery
$50 for the first 75 words and $25 for every 75 words thereafter
$12 per 75 words

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