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VirtualPBX develops a hosted business phone system that joins affordability, 24/7 support, and powerful features like Call  Recording and Conferencing.   Your automated attendant is an invaluable part of your organization. Consider all the tasks it performs for you – day in and day out: It answers your calls, up-sells your products, and reminds callers about important product features you offer. In the average inbound call tree, it reaches customers through dozens of possible touch points. When you consider that ...
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A voiceover artist does more than give voice to your content, they create an emotional connection between the listener and your brand. Using the same voice across your professional business recordings helps reinforce your image and build brand personality. Which is why when you take a moment and ...
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  A prospective client/customer calls your business during a time of high call volume. So, naturally, you put them on hold until someone can attend to their needs. But have you ever taken a moment to think of the real marketing opportunity this scenario presents? After all, you have a captive ...
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 Creating solid business voicemail greetings requires a little finesse. You want to make the best impression and set the right tone. However, sometimes you need to break from the norm and create business voicemails that will do some of the work for you. Whether you are dealing with frustrated ...
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  Whether your business is currently using UCaaS or you’re just getting started, navigating the seemingly endless UCaaS features can be overwhelming.  From enterprise messaging to telephony, presence technology to video conferencing…which features will you use? Which ones add the most value to your ...
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Ask anyone who's ever served some time in customer service and it's a safe bet they'll have a horror story or...several...about the customers they served. Loudmouthed, abusive, lecherous...these stories run the gamut of cringe. Yet we all know that our customers are the lifeblood of any business: ...
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