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As the Coronavirus pandemic affects the way we do business, clear, up-to-date messaging on your Call Center phone system is essential. The global Coronavirus pandemic is changing the way businesses operate, and many companies are shifting their Call Centers to a remote work environment. And while this should be hailed as the right thing to do, it’s also creating new challenges for companies as they scramble to enable employees to work from home and ensure calls are properly routed and handled. One of the most ...
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During this time, clear, current messaging for your phone system is essential. Covid-19, or Coronavirus, is impacting businesses and cities across the country in an unprecedented way. Many companies are suddenly faced with temporarily shutting down operations, or at the very least, making changes ...
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 MightyCall is a fast-growing virtual phone system provider based in Seattle. MightyCall is designed for small business owners and their companies. Every healthcare facility from small to large understands the priority of fast and reliable communication. Unfortunately, most medical practices are ...
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A voiceover artist does more than give voice to your content, they create an emotional connection between the listener and your brand. Using the same voice across your professional business recordings helps reinforce your image and build brand personality. Which is why when you take a moment and ...
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  A prospective client/customer calls your business during a time of high call volume. So, naturally, you put them on hold until someone can attend to their needs. But have you ever taken a moment to think of the real marketing opportunity this scenario presents? After all, you have a captive ...
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