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There's no doubt that there are plenty of options when it comes to buying unified communications (UC) service. The sheer number of firms in the field, and the comparative similarity of many of their offerings makes it actually kind of tough to decide which to go with. What's easy, however, is jumping ship, and that makes it tough for UC providers to keep customers in the fold. Differentiation is the way to keep ground taken by great prices or testimonials, and one of the best ways to differentiate is with voice ...
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Empathy. It's more than just a plot device on television or a throwaway term in business. Empathy is the foundation of customer service, and from there, the best in customer experience. Cultivating empathy will take a little effort, but will ultimately deliver substantial payoffs.
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A 2013 study from Barclays found that nearly half of Brits considered being on hold the single most hated waste of time in their day. The numbers may fluctuate depending on who you talk to, but it's generally accepted that people don't like being on hold. Message on hold systems, meanwhile, can ...
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Nonprofit fundraising isn’t for the faint of heart! In fact, for most non-profit organizations, fundraising is a year-round job. The good news: people are becoming increasingly more generous, and charitable giving rates are rising. The bad news: recent statistics indicate that fundraising gets ...
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Businesses commonly want to get the most out of their systems, no matter what these systems are. On hold messages are no different than any other, but most believe that all a hold message needs to do is keep a customer from hanging up. That's true, but there's so much more a hold message can do, ...
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Most businesses are aware of and focus on the visual processes of brand communications. But many are unaware that audio branding is equally important -- and can influence everything from customer perception to sales. Learn what audio branding is, and why it's important for your business.
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