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Establishing clear communication and a professional image is essential to any government agency. On hold marketing offers the perfect opportunity to do both. If you had a chance to educate callers, what would you want them to know? Informing callers before they speak to a live representative helps streamline call flow, and creates a more streamlined experience with your government agency. Best of all, updating your messages is fast and easy, allowing you to change your messaging as frequently as needed.

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Inform callers of your hours, policies, special events, and more.

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Reduce the frustration of long hold times by keeping callers engaged with informative content, safety tips, and other important information.

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Government Script Examples


As authorized by the State of Illinois, the mission of Hammond Township is to provide social and other services to meet the needs of the community in a fiscally responsible manner. In addition to our community health, disability, veteran and senior services, we also offer voter registration, passport services, notary public, property and tax assessment information, as well as general information and referral services. To learn more about the full compliment of services we provide, visit Hammond Township dot org. Assistance is just moments away.

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If you believe your assessed valuation is too high our staff can assist you with filing an appeal. An appeal may be filed within 30 calendar days after you receive your “Notice of Proposed Valuation Assessment”. Forms can be found online or at the Washington County Assessor’s Office, located in Milford at 401 Lund Avenue. Our office is open to serve you weekdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Enter through the main entrance, head to the 2nd floor, and follow the signs. Your call is very important to us. Please continue to hold for personal assistance.

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Mark your calendars —The Maple Hill Police Department is hosting our annual car wash! Join us August 28th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. We’re washing cars, serving hot dogs, and raising money for a great cause. Car washes are provided on a donation basis, and all proceeds will be donated to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. We’d like to extend our thanks to all who help make this event happen. Hope to see you there!

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Connect with the Vallecitos County Health Department online! Just visit Vallecitos Health dot org. Our website provides you with access to a number of resources, including: immunization information, dental services, behavioral health assistance, and more. You will also find the application for a food service permit, as well as our environmental health action form. Be sure to bookmark our site for future reference. That’s Vallecitos Health dot org. We appreciate your patience during this brief delay, and we are working to return to your important call as promptly as possible.

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Ellis County is dedicated to serving the needs of our residents through several programs and initiatives, including our community food pantry. In order to receive food pantry assistance, you must reside in Ellis County, and make an appointment. A photo ID and proof of address is required. Eligible residents are permitted to visit the food pantry once every two weeks, and will receive two paper bags that can be used to “shop” the pantry for any items you may need. Due to the nature of our donation based program, the items vary daily. We will be happy to tell you more when we return to your call in just a moment.

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Attention unincorporated Bloomington residents…trash, recycling, and yard waste collection will change from Mondays to Thursdays beginning July 1st. Please place your township provided receptacles on the curb, no earlier than 5:00 PM on Wednesday evening. Trash cans and recycling bins should be moved out of sight, following pickup by 9:00 PM. For further information  on garbage collection, please visit our website or remain on the line for personal assistance.

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To assist veterans in navigating the complex web of services and benefits available, the California Association of Veterans Affairs operates several local service offices. VSOs are trained and accredited by the US Department of Veterans Affairs to provide free assistance to veterans and their dependents and survivors. Resources are available related to the following: compensation & pension, health care, education, employment, housing, military records, burial, transportation, and more. Please let us know how we may best assist you when we return to the line shortly. Thank you for holding.

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We are now accepting applications for our Community Fire Academy. The Community Fire Academy is an eight-week program designed to give community members an overview of how Highland Park Fire Rescue operates. Participants meet once a week for hands-on training. Topics include fire department operations, specialty teams, station tours, engine and truck tours, auto extrication and EMS. Applicants must be 18 years old, live in Highland Park and agree to fingerprinting and background check. We will return to tell you more and address any questions you may have in just a moment.

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