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In a highly competitive field, like law, you can’t miss an opportunity to assure clients that they have made the right choice with your firm. With on hold marketing, you can make an impact the very first time they call.

If you had a prospective clients’ undivided attention, what would you want them to know? On hold marketing offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your credentials and share your experience. In fact, your phone system is a powerful marketing tool for your firm, allowing you to introduce your attorneys, highlight successful cases, and inform callers of your industry affiliations.

  • Inform callers of your hours, process, and areas of practice.
  • Build your credibility by sharing information about your educational background, settlements & verdicts you’ve been awarded, client testimonials, and more.
  • Reduce the frustration of long hold times, keeping callers engaged with informative content that addresses: filing for custody, workplace injuries, and other legal matters.
  • Choose voice and music that compliments your brand and firm’s values.

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Law Office Script Examples


At Sequoia Lawyers, we strive to obtain the best possible results for each of our valued clients. Our attorneys have experience working on numerous cases, giving us the unique insight that greatly benefits the individuals we represent. We always strive to meet the highest standards of service and conduct in our personal and professional lives. We appreciate this opportunity to assist you today. Thank you for calling.

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Thank you for calling the Law Offices of Connor & Katz. We are proud to offer our clients our expertise and diverse range of services, including: collection defense, audit representation, and negotiating settlements and compromises with the IRS. Knowing your rights under the law is important, and having an effective attorney representation is vital. Trust in our expertise....we are here for you. We invite you to visit our website www dot Connor and Katz dot com to learn more.

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We are conveniently located at 8125 E Broadway St., Suite 330 and our attorneys are here to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM with evening and weekend hours available by appointment. Whatever your representation needs, the legal team at The Whitney Law firm is here to provide you with first-rate service and the respect and compassion you deserve. We will be happy to tell you more about our services and discuss your needs when we return.

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At Jeffery Michaels & Associates we have successfully represented clients in pharmaceutical litigation, commercial litigation, personal injury, maritime law, medical malpractice and product liability. Our legal team is committed to devoting the resources, attention and time necessary to provide you with the superior legal representation you deserve. We appreciate your patience during this brief delay, and we’re working to return to your important call as promptly as possible.

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You need representation from experienced professionals you can trust. At The Greer Law Group, we have the practical understanding of the issues you face and the professional experience to serve all of your representation needs. Our experienced legal team is here to assist you in navigating through the challenges of the legal system. Please let us know how we can best assist you when we return.

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We invite you to visit our website – www dot Hawthorn law dot com. There you can learn more about our areas of practice and legal affiliations, access answers to frequently asked questions, and meet our experienced attorneys. Whatever your representation needs, we are here to guide you through the process. Let us put our expertise to work for you!

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Cost-effective representation and results…that’s what you can expect from Victor Smith, Attorney at Law. Our law office prides itself on our ability to provide practical solutions to complex legal issues, and all matters are handled in the strictest confidentiality. Your call is very important to us. Please continue to hold for personal assistance.

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Our elite team of attorneys has the experience and depth of knowledge to provide you with the best legal representation available. Schedule an appointment to meet with our legal team so we can discuss your situation in further detail and develop a strategy to address your specific needs. We will be glad to discuss your legal needs and concerns in just a moment.

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Greetings & Prompts

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$80 per 100 words*
$80 for each additional 100 words thereafter
*100 words is equal to approx. 40 seconds

On Hold Messages

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* 100 words is equal to approximately 1 minute ** Each addtional 100 words added is $60

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$80 for the first 100 words. $40 for every 100 words thereafter.
$25 per 100 words.

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