On Hold Messages for
Telecommunication Companies

An educated customer is your best customer. So, if you had their undivided attention, what would you want them to know? On hold marketing offers the perfect opportunity to talk about hosted solutions, your cabling capabilities, and to assure prospective customers that they have made the right call! In fact, your phone system is a powerful marketing tool for your business, allowing you to showcase some of the features your products offer. Plus you can easily update your messaging with the season, advertise the latest telecom equipment, or highlight a few customer testimonials.

  • Inform callers of your location and hours, the turnkey telephone systems you provide, or what they can expect when they work with you.
  • Build your credibility by sharing information about your experience & certifications, responsive support services, and your business partnerships.
  • Reduce the frustration of long hold times by keeping callers engaged with informative content such as how to maximize auto attendant greetings and what to do when they need to expand or change their system.
  • Choose voice and music that compliments your brand and company values.

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Telecommunication Script Examples

About Us

At Morris Technology Group, we offer the single source solution for your business’s telecommunications and technology needs. In fact, we’ll look at your total communications infrastructure and budget, and recommend the finest in telecommunication products to ensure that your business continues to operate at its maximum efficiency. We will be happy to tell you more and address any questions you may have in just a moment.

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I.O. Solutions Group is pleased to offer telephone systems that fit your budget and offer the capability to grow with your business. Let us show you how Voiceover IP can help you stay connected, more easily. Best of all, our simple set-up process will have you making and receiving VoIP calls in minutes. Whatever brings you to us, you can be assured that our experienced and dedicated staff will work with you to understand your goals and match your business with the right technology solutions. Kindly continue to hold for personal assistance.

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hosted pbx

Did you know that Elite Telecom’s Hosted PBX delivers everything your business requires in one single package? From executive phones to local service and long distance, all for less than what you’re paying for your traditional telephone service. Not only is our mobile-friendly portal easy to use, but your employees can seamlessly move offices without IT help. Ask for details!

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Are you getting the best market rates on your telecom? Ask about a free side-by-side analysis of your telecommunications bills to identify ways you can save. We offer this free service at no obligation. Unlike other providers, XMI Mobile gives you the premium call features at no extra cost, with unique value-added features like 6-way calling, call waiting and call transfer! We will be happy to tell you more and address any questions you may have in just a moment.

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service offering

When you need a trusted partner who can deliver scalable solutions your telecom needs, Novis is the name to know. From telephone systems & equipment, high speed Internet, wireless networking, VoIP systems and WebFax to call center solutions, voice & data cabling, and hosted cloud PBX systems, we can provide you with the tailored service you need, when you need them! Visit our website — Novis Tech dot com to learn more about the full compliment of products and services we offer. Assistance is just moments away.

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Service & Warranty

With 24/7 technical support, you can be assured that your organization is well taken care of with Teletech. Plus, our 1-year complimentary warranty on all products and services ensures 100% satisfaction. We are pleased to provide services to the Metro Austin area, and we are the trusted choice of a diverse group of clients, including educational institutions, retail stores, and professional offices. Please let us know how we may best assist you when we return.

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standard pricing

Greetings & Prompts

Starts at $80
$80 per 100 words*
$80 for each additional 100 words thereafter
*100 words is equal to approx. 40 seconds

On Hold Messages

What kind of system do you have?

Phone System
Contact Center
1 Minute 100 $99
2 Minutes 200 $99
3 Minutes 300 $99
4 Minutes 400 $99
5 Minutes 500 $99
6 Minutes 600 $99
7 Minutes 700 $99
8 Minutes 800 $99
* 100 words is equal to approximately 1 minute ** Each addtional 100 words added is $60

Please click the button below to inquire about volume pricing.

Rush Delivery
$80 for the first 100 words. $40 for every 100 words thereafter.
$25 per 100 words.

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