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Women’s health needs vary throughout the stages of their lives. If you had your patients’ undivided attention, what would you want them to know? On hold marketing offers the perfect opportunity to share information about family planning, pregnancy, menopause, and the many health issues women face. In fact, your phone system is a powerful marketing tool for your women’s clinic. Not only can you update your messaging with the season, but it allows you to share important practice and health screening information.

  • Inform patients of your office hours, accepted insurance, or what they can expect during their visit.
  • Build your credibility by sharing information about your practice, experience & educational background, diagnostic technology, and more.
  • Reduce the frustration of long hold times by keeping callers engaged with informative content, like when to schedule a mammogram or what to do if you think you’re in labor.
  • Choose voice and music that compliments your brand and practice values

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Women's Clinics Script Examples


Up to one in eight American couples struggle to conceive. Although infertility is a fairly common issue, it can be frustrating not knowing exactly what is causing the problem. At Gold Coast Fertility Center, we offer the latest in diagnostics and fertility treatments. So, you can be confident we will work hard to make your dream of childbirth a reality. Learn more at GC Fertility Center dot com. We appreciate your patience during this brief delay, and we are working to return to your important call as promptly as possible.


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At Santa Fe Women’s Care we take special care in diagnosing and treating the conditions and diseases that affect women, and we welcome women of all ages and stages of life. We’d like to take the opportunity to remind you how important it is to schedule your annual exam. Our team of dedicated gynecologists will not only perform a comprehensive pelvic exam and Pap smear, they will closely monitor your reproductive health year after year. This allows us to ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment should any issues arise. Learn more and schedule your annual exam when we return.


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Pregnancy is an exciting time, but if you’re like most expectant moms, you probably have a lot of questions. At Morris OBGYN we are here to address all your questions and concerns, providing you with the best medical care available during your pregnancy and delivery. In fact, we have the latest ultrasound technology on-site, so you can enjoy exceptional care right in our office. We invite you to visit our Pregnancy Resource Library at Morris OBGYN dot com to learn more and find answers to many common questions. Someone will be right with you.


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Birth control is all about choices, and Gynecologic Associates is pleased to provide you with a wide range of contraceptive options. We fit diaphragms and IUDs and prescribe oral contraceptives, as well as provide Depo-Provera and NuvaRing. Your doctor will walk you through all the available options and advise you of the potential side effects and risks associated with each. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions and select the birth control that’s right for you. Thank you for holding.


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Today’s advancements in breast imaging have greatly improved early detection of breast cancer. At Temple Women’s Clinic we utilize the latest in full-field digital mammography, which provides us with clearer images while emitting a lower radiation dose. And because we know you're busy, there is no need for a mammogram appointment! Just walk in at your convenience Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM! It’s just one of the many ways we are dedicated to delivering care that's designed around you. Assistance is just moments away.


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Menopause is different for every woman. Some simply experience the loss of menstrual periods, others have difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, and the loss of sexual desire. Whatever your experience, Dr. Stone and the staff at Stone Women’s Health can provide you with the care you need to remain healthy and active throughout this new phase of life. Our office provides hormone replacement therapy, bioidentical hormones, bone density testing, and more. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you when we return to your call in just a moment.


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