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Welcome to Phonzai - the revolutionary AI-powered solution that lets you personalize your phone system with ease and flexibility. Craft studio-quality greetings, IVR prompts, and on hold messages in minutes.

Phonzai features premium text-to-speech voices, an AI writing assistant, an expansive music on hold library with over 1,200 tracks and a dedicated ‘drag-and-drop’ on hold message editor.
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Lifelike AI voices

Phonzai voices sound as natural as human speech, and are specially fine-tuned for phone messages.

Create fully-branded messages in many languages, including English, French, Spanish, and more!

Type-in your messages and watch as Phonzai breathes life into your words!

AI Writing assistant
& translator

Whether you want to change styles, proofread messages, or get top-notch messaging advice, just ask Snappy!

And it doesn't stop there! Snappy is also a skilled translator, interpreting the context of your messages for precise translations in any language.


Unlimited music

Phonzai gives you unlimited access to over 1200 pre-licensed music on-hold tracks to create the perfect caller experience.

Choose from a wide selection of musical styles, including rock, classical, hip-hop, holiday, and more.

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On-hold message mixer

Our dedicated drag-and-drop on hold message mixer lets you create and update messages in minutes!

Add announcements, choose background music and let the mixer do the rest.

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Custom Pronunciations

Add custom pronunciations to ensure your AI voice says words exactly as you intend.Once you add a custom pronunciation, it is consistently applied to all your future messages.

All custom pronunciations are saved to a library and can be edited at any time.

Organization and collaboration

Every message you create with Phonzai is securely stored in an easy-to-use library. Search files, organize messages into folders, mark favorites, view scripts, and more.

Never worry about lost or misplaced messages again.

Invite team members to help edit, and manage messages, all within Phonzai's integrated enterprise-ready platform.

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Phonzai plans are based on the number of users/agents (seats) in your phone system or contact center. All plans include ultra-realistic A.I. voices and unlimited music licenses for your messages.

What kind of system do you have?

Phone System
Contact Center
Pay per:
year month
$25 /mo $125 $300 billed annually
Included in plan:
Up to 10 phone system users
10,000 A.I. Text-to-speech characters
1,200 music tracks
5mb audio storage
Try Studio A.I.
Included with your free trial:
  • 1 A.I. Message Project (500 TTS Credits)
  • 1 On-Hold Mix (500 TTS Credits)
  • And more...



  Can I try Phonzai For Free?

Yes! We offer a Free trial that allows you to preview all available voices and background music. Messages can be created with 2000 voice credits, and the only restriction is that they cannot be downloaded until you upgrade to a paid plan.

 What's included in my Phonzai subscription?

Your subscription includes everything you need to craft professional phone messages. Here's what you get:
  • State-of-the-art text-to-speech voice overs in over 25 different languages and accents
  • Intuitive message editors designed for phone message creation
  • AI-Powered Writing assistance & Translation
  • Access to over 1200 music tracks pre-licensed for phone messages.
  • Secure Cloud-Storage of all your Projects and Messages.

 How does Phonezai Pricing work?

Phonezai's pricing is calculated based on the number of users in your phone system or the agent seats in your contact center with a phone line.

 What's Covered by Your Phonzai Subscription?

Your Phonzai subscription covers:
  • Usage Rights: Your subscription grants you exclusive rights to use the messages you create within the phone system or contact center associated with your subscription.
  • Text-To-Speech: Any message generated using text to speech that does not contain music, can be used indefinitely in your system.
  • Music: Your Music License is valid as long as your subscription is active.*
*For further information, consult our terms of service.

 How do you determine the correct licensing for my business?

Licensing is determined by the number of users or agents with phone lines that can make or receive calls. Using this metric, we calculate your potential caller reach and provide the necessary license coverage to maintain compliance.

 What is a User or an Agent?

Cloud Phone System: Anyone with a phone line.

Contact Center: An Agent capable of either making or receiving phone calls.

*For On-Premise Phone Systems, count the total number of phones on site, across all locations where your Phonzai messages are used.

 Can I collaborate with my team members on Phonzai?

Of course! You can invite team members to access your account to help create, edit, and manage messages, all within Phonzai's integrated enterprise-ready platform.

  Will the messages I create with Phonzai be compatible with my system?

Yes, Phonzai supports most audio file formats commonly used in phone systems and contact centers, including:

  • WAV (44.1kHz 16-bit)
  • AIFF (44.1kHz 16-bit)
  • WAV CCITT µlaw (8kHz 8-bit)
  • WAV PCM (8kHz 16-bit)
  • MP3 (320kbps)
  • MP3 (128kbps)
  • WAV ADPCM (8kHz 8-bit)
  • WAV (22.05kHz 16-bit)
  • VOX
If you're unsure about the best format for your phone system, please contact your provider or system administrator for support.

 What happens if I cancel my Phonzai subscription?

Account Access: Your account remains accessible until the end of your subscription period. Once that period concludes, you won't be able to create or access any Phonzai messages.

Message License: Messages without music can be used in your system indefinitely.

Music License: Your Music License is valid for the duration of your active subscription. In the event of a cancellation, you’ll need to remove all messages containing music from your phone system & delete saved copies of any messages with music.