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In many cases, callers are simply looking for basic information that can be answered using phone system automation. Adding announcement messages such as business hours, location and directions allows businesses to give customers important information and updates quickly and efficiently. 

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Professional Voice Recordings can be used for any Company Type and Industry. Click the play buttons to hear examples.

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informational messages

Many callers only need a basic piece of information about the business, such as business hours, office locations, or fax numbers.


Snap Recordings professional voice solution makes it easy to create limited-time offers and seasonal promotions, saving time and hassle.

event notifications

Keeping callers in the loop to major events such as sales, tradeshows or sponsored events that a business is involved with.


Businesses can guide customers to specific services and offerings with promotional messages and advertisements.

With over 100 voice talents that can serve all industries, as well as options for English and Spanish. Snap Recordings makes creating a complete, personalized set of professional phone system announcements easy.

Snap Recordings has years of experience in creating announcements to support auto attendant, call center and IVR systems.



Starts at $50
$50 per 75 words*
$50 for each additional 75 words thereafter
*75 words is equal to approx. 30 seconds


Background Music
$75 per music track, per message
Rush Delivery
$80 for the first 75 words and $40 for every 75 words thereafter
$12 per 75 words

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