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Strategic Partners can draw from Snap Recordings’ extensive set of Restful based API’s to incorporate direct two-way interfaces between their OSS systems (such as Marketing/Sales, Provisioning, Customer Care) and Snap Recordings.  If your business model and sales/marketing plans wisely provide customers with professionally recorded messages as part of your managed service offering or you want to offer the option of professional recordings to your end customers, Snap Recordings provides the automated order data transfer and management interfaces required for seamless process integration.  

the restful api advantage


Our RESTful API’s are modular and support direct voice and voice/music message ordering, customer information transfer, order status, provisioning triggers and automatic audio file uploading to integrated switching platforms.


Restful API’s are quick to implement and easy to manage. Snap Recordings’ hosted data facilities are cloud based, secure, monitored, always accessible and fully redundant.


Depending on the level of access, interface, and security of your chosen switching platform, Snap Recordings has corresponding API’s to manage and upload recorded audio files directly to your customer’s switch feature configurations.


Our API’s are also integrated into our Advantage Message Hosting & Management Solution that provides both Partners and Customers with a robust message management toolset not even provided by switch suppliers. Allowing new features such as automated event message scheduling, click to record, and visual tree of caller messaging through call routing and handling across the phone system.

snap recordings restful api order modules

api's we currently maintain

Snap Recordings actively participates in the telecom industry and works to enhance our set of API’s to switching platforms and well as industry adopted automated provisioning systems. Currently, we maintain:

  • A full set of API’s utilizing Broadsoft’s OCI-P command structure for access and configuration of all messaging touch points within Broadworks. These API’s are integrated into our Advantagetm Message Hosting & Management Solution as well as used to provide direct provisioning support to our Partners.
  • API data transfer sets to industry based provisioning systems such as Lokitm
  • API data transfer sets to leading UC service providers supporting active resellers such as Shorteltm and RingCentraltm.
  • API data transfer sets to open source switching platforms such as Asteriskstm
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