Illustration of advanced business phone system integrated with advanced phone system recordings
What is the quality of your business phone system recordings? Are they professional and service-driven? Or, do they fall short of your customers’ expectations? Scratchy, difficult to hear, unprofessional, or downright irritating recordings can translate directly into a measurable negative impact when it comes to customer experience and perceived quality of your business and its products and services.

Business phone system technology has evolved rapidly over the last decade, and even the smallest of businesses are now using powerful phone systems with features that were once only available to the biggest companies.

Yet, the recordings for today's amazingly advanced phone systems are still predominately being made by a business’s employees or their phone system installer. This is the same strategy that was used two decades ago in the age of landlines, answering machines, and switchboards.

For businesses to maximize the power of their phone systems, they need to advance their recordings into the digital age.

Advancements in recording technology now enable recordings to be optimized specifically for even the most advanced cloud-based phone systems. The sound quality of these recordings is amazingly clear, and voice and music can be creatively integrated to provide a business with unlimited ways to deliver messages to their callers. This means new opportunities to strengthen customer service and to even market in new innovative ways via a phone system.

What’s Wrong with the D.I.Y Approach?

If you have a professional voice talent on staff. Count yourself lucky. However the reality is that most amateur recording artists speak too quickly or too slowly.

But, let’s say you do have an employee on staff with a velvety voice that can sway countless callers to hang on hold. There’s much more that goes into a voice recording.

Background noise, microphone feedback, breathing sounds, and more can seriously diminish the quality of a recording. And, what if that smooth-sounding employee quits? Now, who are you going to get to record your business’s messages?

A Better Phone System Recording Solution

Cloud-based phone system recordings are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Not only do they provide much clearer, professional-sounding messages, they can be saved in the cloud so that a business can access them and download them anytime, from any phone.

A voice talent can be chosen to match a business’s brand identity, and he or she can be utilized each time that new recordings are needed to ensure that a business has a consistent sound across their phone system. A licensed music track can be added to recordings to both entertain callers and to enhance message flow. And because professional recordings are mixed and mastered in-studio, the problem of background noise is eliminated.

As more businesses migrate over to cloud-based business phone systems, those that take truly leverage their power by using professional voice recordings will gain a competitive edge over those that don’t.

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