Your business’ phone system greeting is typically the first point of contact between your company and your customers. The greeting message used here can make or break the customer’s experience on a call.

Here, using a set of professional voice recordings can help your business in a few key ways, including:

1: Making Your Business Sound Professional to Callers

You might be surprised to hear how much of an impact a professional voice recording can have on the opinions callers have about your business. A recording made with top-of-the-line recording equipment using industry-leading voice talents can provide your business with the professional-sounding voice and tone needed to impress customers.

The direction of voice recordings is key to creating a professional tone. Professional voice recording studios have years of experience in directing voice talent and engineering recorded audio for the best quality.

Users of professional voice recordings have noted how much customer attitudes towards their business changed after implementing a professionally-recorded greeting. To customers calling these businesses, the sound of a high-quality recording is a sign that the business they’re calling is stable, established, and reputable.

This helps set the right tone for customer interactions, adding credibility to a business in the eyes of customers.

2: Avoiding Potential Legal Issues with Voice Recordings

Some businesses may try to record their phone system greetings in-house. However, this can cause problems later on. Aside from the issue of amateur recordings not sounding as professional as recordings done by an experienced actor using top-of-the-line sound equipment, there may be legal issues.

For example, say the employee who created the voice recordings later quits or is terminated. Who has the legal rights to those recordings? Without some kind of concrete contract, the ex-employee can cause legal issues for the company if the recordings aren’t removed.

This can leave a business in the lurch at an inopportune time.

With professional voice recordings done by a third party, however, such legal issues are avoided entirely.

3: Getting Help Filling Out Your Phone Greeting Script

Lots of small business owners aren’t entirely sure of what they should record for their phone greetings. Important informational messages such as business hours and locations get forgotten. In extreme cases, important call flow messages such as menu options might be skipped accidentally, leading to an incomplete system greeting that frustrates customers.

Professional voice recordings companies can help businesses fill out their phone greeting scripts with:

  •      Examples of existing messages;
  •      Call flow charts that visualize the whole call flow; and
  •      Service and support to guide businesses through the process.

These helpful resources can be useful for ensuring that a business has all of the message recordings they need to provide their customers with a complete call flow.

Learn more about how professional voice recordings can benefit your business today!