A business’ voicemail greeting is often the first point of contact with a business’ customers. Getting this greeting right can make a business sound professional and trustworthy. A badly-done greeting, on the other hand, can confuse and infuriate customers over the phone.

Creating a professional-sounding voice recording for your phone system can be a more difficult process than one initially might assume.

To create a professional business voicemail greeting, businesses need to do several things:

1: Get Access to Studio-Grade Recording Equipment

Before any business can create clear, easy to hear (and understand) recorded audio messages, they need the right recording equipment. Many businesses try to get by with using audio recorded on a standard recording device.

While phones and other devices are getting better all the time, there are frequently problems with audio recorded on low-quality equipment. Static pops, grainy voice quality, and background noise interference are all common with audio recorded on non-professional equipment.

Using studio-grade audio recording equipment helps ensure the audio for your business voicemail greeting is clear and easy to understand, minimizing the risk of misunderstandings.

2: Write Scripts for All of Your System Messages

Ideally, a business should have a complete set of messages for every phase of their call flow from beginning to end. While voicemail greetings are an important part of the phone system, there need to be recordings for everything leading up to the voicemail as well (assuming there are other steps in the call flow).

Making an outline of the call flow and writing out scripts for each phase and menu in it can help ensure that there are no gaps in the process from start to finish. This way, callers can reach the voicemail recording in the first place.

3: Pick Someone to Provide the Voice of the Business

A lot of care and consideration should be given to who will be providing the voiceover for a business’ audio recordings before the selection is made.

Many businesses try to save money by selecting an amateur voice actor from inside the company to provide a recording. The trouble with this is that:

  1. The “actor” is typically an amateur with no voiceover experience.
  2. The company doesn’t have personnel with directing voiceover.
  3. The “actor’s” goal is to finish quickly and get back to work, not make the best-quality recording.

These issues limit the quality of the recording because the amateur actor doesn’t know how to speak with the proper enunciation and cadence for phone system recordings, and there’s no experienced director handy to provide guidance.

Using the services of a professional actor with experience in phone system recordings helps ensure truly professional-sounding voicemail greetings for a business. Professional actors backed by experienced audio directors and studio-grade recording equipment can produce high-quality recordings for phone system messages such as voicemail greetings.

To create the best recordings takes the right equipment and the best talents for voiceovers. Thankfully, there are professional voice recording providers who can supply the tech and the talent to create high-quality voiceover for professional voicemail greetings and more with ease. Learn more about creating professional voice recordings today!