Do you sell B2B services or solutions? Our reseller program enables you to support your customers’ success by improving their credibility, marketability, and service. It also lets you earn more revenue with each customer!

As the leader in professional voice recordings for business phones, we specialize in making your customers sound their best with custom greetings, messages-on-hold, voice prompts, and announcements. We have over 100 top industry voices, leading-edge production capabilities, and unequaled support services to make it easy and profitable for you to market recordings along with your other offerings.

Our 24/7 online ordering platform is incredibly easy to use, and we even have audio samples and an industry-specific script library as helpful resources.

Start Earning Today!
There’s big profit potential in becoming a Snap Recordings reseller:

  • Earn a percentage on every business phone recording you sell
  • Manage setup and installation for your customers and earn even more
  • Receive a generous discount off your first professional recording
  • Incentives, promotions, and prizes

The Value of Professional Voice Recordings
Not only do you profit from Snap Recordings, so do your customers!  Businesses typically see measurable improvement to their bottom line and caller experience by simply adding professional voice recordings to their phones.


  • Impactful first impression
  • Reduction in call drop-off by eliminating silence-on-hold
  • Ability to market products and services in greetings and messages-on-hold
  • Clarity and consistency in phone messages to guide and inform callers

Get Started!
It’s fast and easy to become a Snap Recordings reseller. Call us directly at 1-866-721-SNAP (7627) or email  to learn more.

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