Female Voice Talent Recording Voice Over TrackHere at Snap Recordings, we’re pretty big on using professional voice recordings for business phone systems. In fact, you could easily say that we love voice recordings!

But, why do we love professionally-recorded messages, and why should you like them as well?


Here are a few reasons why:

1: High-Quality Recordings Make for a Better Caller Experience

Business phone systems are a primary communication channel between customers and businesses. In many cases, the business’ phone system greeting is the first thing a customer hears and delivers the critical “first impression” of your business.

A lackluster set of recordings for a phone system system can negatively impact the caller’s experience, causing frustration. Background noise, microphone feedback, and amateurs who speak too quickly or slowly are all major problems that can ruin the quality of a recording.

Using high-quality, professionally-recorded messages helps ensure that information is communicated clearly to customers, reducing confusion and irritation. All told, professional voice recordings simply create a better, and typically quicker and more convincing user experience for callers.

2: You Get to Pick the Perfect Voice for Your Business

Another problem with using your own employees to record phone system messages is that it’s exceedingly rare for any company to have a lot of professional voice talents on hand. Odds are that a business might have one or two employees who sound good and have nice voices, but that doesn’t mean they actually speak well in terms of pronunciation or enunciation. Those little “ahhh’s” always seem to sneak into recordings especially when a person has to make it all the way through a recording in one attempt.

But, what happens when these employees leave? Will you re-record all of your messages to maintain cohesiveness with any new voice recordings you make? Will you even be able to keep using the old employee’s voice at all? Exiting employees may not allow you to continue to use their voice and legally you simply can’t.

With professional voice recordings, you get a far greater variety of options for establishing the voice of your business. Even better, when you need new recordings, you can choose the same voice talent, and there are no legal hurdles or concerns when an employee quits.

3: They Help Make Hold Time Productive

Many businesses rely on their phone system’s call hold and park features to keep customers on the line until their call can be transferred to the right department or person. Voice recordings for on-hold messages can actually help improve productivity by turning customer time spent on hold into productive time showcasing your business and your products and services. Time to connect, inform, bond, and show your appreciation for their continued patronage.

For example, adding preparatory messages to on-hold messaging reminds callers they will be asked for information and can gather it before being transferred. Which can help save time for both the caller and your staff is assisting them once connected. Adding messages about special promotions and offers can help upsell callers with specialized products or services, or just remind them they have neglected or forgotten something they need - all of which can create a revenue opportunity for your business.

4: Voice Recordings Can Create a Positive Impression of Your Company

By having a single, professional-sounding voice being used throughout your business’ phone system, you can actually improve a caller’s opinion of your company before they even talk to an employee.

Think of it this way: if you were to call a business and the recording you hear is garbled, with the speaker rushing through menu options too fast for you hear them clearly, and a different speaker on each step of the call flow, would you be more likely to think of the business as being professional, competent and caring, or unorganized and chaotic?

Phone messages made with professional voice actors, on studio quality recording equipment can help your business sound professional over the phone and build trust in your brand.

There are a lot of reasons to love high-quality voice recordings for business phone systems. Learn more about how you can benefit from professional recordings today!

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